Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Red nose rose

Hope you all have a great" RED NOSE DAY" on Friday 15th March
  and raise lots of money for Comic relief.

Here's my RED NOSE ROSE..........
That I designed and made from this years Triceytops red nose.
I'm sure you will agree he's very cute and super easy to make.
It so happens that it's my Nan's Birthday on Red Nose day this year so as a funny little gift
I made her A RED NOSE ROSE........
I used a kebab stick and wrapped it with 2 green pipe cleaners.
I made 2 card leaves folded them and ink on veins glued them into position with hot glue.
Made a tag and tied it on with string.
Leaving on the cellophane poke the pipe cleaners through the bottom of the nose
 and tadaaaar DONE!
There are 3 RED NOSES to choose from this year
T-Spex, Dinomite and Triceytops
DO Something FUNNY for MONEY :)
Thanks for stopping by
Sadie x

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