Monday, 31 January 2011

valentines/mothers day flower pops

I made these for valentines day but could also work for mothers day.

 I simply layed paper flower that I'd made, inked and doodled.
 finished off with green paper leaves and green ribbon.

Heres a 30th canvase I made for an order.
I love how girly it turned out.

I have been doing alot of little things in my home recently.
My old bathroom cabinet was looking a little tired.
So off I went to Ikea ( I love it there sooooooooooooo much)!!!!

I picked up this cabinet for an amazing £16 but I didnt like the grey back.
so I decided to alter it, Off to B&Q I went and found this lovely wallpaper. It matched in my bathroom perfectly.

I covered the back with double sided tape and covered it before fitting the back. I so pleased with my bespoke cabinet x

Lowyns tat-tat-too
  Had to share this little story (going to be one for the scrapbook)

 When I came home with my new tattoo lowyn got very upset and sulked.
When I asked her what was wrong she said "I havent got a pretty tat-tat-too.
2 sharpie pens and 2mins later she had her very own.

 She was soooooooooo pleased bless her.
 she shew everyone and even got dayna to have one too xx
love her so much xox

My wonderful girls xoxoxo

Sadie x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

mine and Barry's Cancer research tattoos ♥ ♥

we had these done together to be a part of monstez ink's charity fundraiser... all the money raised will go to cancer research xx
And most importantly to remember those we have lost xx

Friday, 21 January 2011

Jan 2011- The writings on the wall

I've had such a busy month!! I didn't realise till I looked at my camera this morn just how busy.
Thought I'd share some bits.

First I decorated my kitchen

 I started off in jan by decorating my kitchen.
 I made this canvase to hang on my wall and the heart hangers to decorate my new baskets.

Once I'd got the decorating bug I moved swiftly onto my living room.
My poor Husband never knows what will greet him when he comes home from work lol.
I'm a spare of the moment kind of girl!!! once I have an idea thats it I'm off x

 I've had this photo of Dayna on my wall for such a long time(she was 5) I love it.
 She looks so cute and squishy xx
 I'd taken it down to decorate and the photo had sliped from the mount.
 (and that was it, I didnt need much of an excuse to get out my stash and alter it.

I hand cut the flower and heart. Faux stiched the heart.
I Used a Tim Holtz die for the book paper leaves.
 And for my fav, The paper flower. I made this by watching a video tutorial.

 I love these flowers so much I decided to make a few for my stash.
I had always seen these on others projects and loved them, so decided to get educated lol
Here are the links to the you tube videos

Next for my BIG project " The writings on the wall"

I've been thinking of doing this for a while.
 I used to have gold writing on this wall
live .love. laugh
This time it was going to be much bigger.

 I started by typing my phrase out in word. I changed the font and printed it the size I wanted.
I then positioned on my wall and taped all the sheets together.
I turned the whole thing over and traced the outline with pencil.

I then turned it the corect way round and carfully traced the outline the a ball point pen.

 Once I had the pencil outline on the wall.
I then drew around the outline with a black sharpie fine tipped pen.
Then I filled it all in with two coats of black acrylic paint.
I know it took me along time but well worth it.

 I finished it off with a wall sticker that I found on the net
They have lots of fab designs, I now thinking where else I could have one... lol

I really love the result.

On the subject of love I mate this cup cake Valentines card for my husband
(I know its not till next month but I'm getting ahead)

 And finally I got to scrap book a couple of LO's
This one is Jans kit from Papermaze crop that I attend every month.Except for this month as it was my Husbands Birthday and we went ice skating....
It was designed by Lou Collins she is very talented and I love all her work x I was so very pleased that she had designed this months page!!!And that my girls pick me up one Thanks xx

 I added a paper flower that I'd already made.

 I did this Lo of my girls I wanted to tell the story of their relationship and the love they have for each other.
Again I used a paper flower( they will be on all my projects from now on lol).
I hand cut the heart and layerd it together.
I then made a hole and tied on the string and finished with a button.

I wonder what next month will bring...........

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tattoo Against Cancer! - Valentines Charity Event

Hey all wanted to share this with you x we are showing our support x .

Barry's getting his 1st tattoo for a very good cause and this will be my 9th lol xx
Time Saturday, February 12 · 10:00am - 4:00pm

Location Monsterz Ink Tattoo Studio, 163 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich

Created By MonsterzInk TattooStudio!/event.php?eid=119704061429311

 Everyone has been affected by Cancer in some way or another. Show your support and help raise money for Cancer Research by coming along and paying a donation of just £10 minimum, in exchange for a fabulous stitched heart tattoo anywhere you would like. (See photo - this is of myself and my sister's tattoos, done in honour of our lovely Grandparents whom we lost to Cancer a year ago)

Ali will be tattooing non-stop between the hours of 10am - 4pm to raise as much money for this wonderful charity. All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research.

Please just turn up on the day with your donation and wait your turn for a lovely memento for the ones that you have loved and lost...

For further info, contact Ali on 07927 611737.

♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy new year !!! here's to a great 2011 x

Pick me.....
Here are the little gifts that I made for my scrap booking girls, for Xmas.
Thought I would share them with you. Loved them so much made one for myself xx To me love from me!!!

They are used when creating a scrapbook layout.
You simply pick 3,4,or 5 sticks at random and have to include these on you page.

I decorated a bean tin, made a label. 
created and added embellishments.
"Simples" as Aleksandr Orlov would say(I got his book for Xmas lol).

I used large lolly pop sticks for the options, I made 10 in total.
This idea could be adapted for other situations
 eg. dinner options (ingredients). Free time (read,craft,TV etc...)
I could go on but I won't.....xx