Monday, 20 June 2011

June ........

Here are a few bits and bobs from june so far ....

Took this pic of Lowyn playing in the garden.
 Loving my zoom and croping tools.

                                                Took this close up of my hot pink fuchsia.
                                                     I love the pink and green together!
                                             Feel a couple of Lo's coming up soon using these.

                   Made these "pint of socks" for fathers day for my Husband, Dad and Grandad xxx

                                                               Finished and wrapped!!!

                         Close up of the handmade flower on the wedding canvas from previous post.

                                            Canvas I was asked to make for a Birthday gift x

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Sadie x

wedding canvases

I recently made this wedding canvas as a gift to my special friends Shell and Dom.They liked it so much they asked me to make another for them, so I thought I'd share them with you.

                                  Placed my wedding photo in place so you can see finished look

Sadie x

Monday, 13 June 2011

Show off


I'm so pleased I sent off a few Lo's to "scrapbook magazine". Never done this before and they chose my "Rubber ducky" Lo to be published in issue 55. I even got a £10.00 gift voucher to spend at www. Abi'  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Sadie x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Recent Lo's

Had these photos and story for a while...
Lowyn is now 3 so thought I had better scrap them.
I used digital papers that I printed and doodled with my stamping pens.
I also used the pens to alter my white foam letters for my tittle.

Again used old pics, this time from 2005!
going through a bit of a doodling phase lol.

Little Lady
Had an old scrap a gogo kit  left so decided to do a few LO's

1st Night
tells the story of Lowyns 1st night in her cot in her own room.
                             TIP-I used clear bling and coloured it green with my sharpie pens.

My fav LO as it has such a funny story...
TIP- I cut around the flowers with my craft knife and sliped the photos under.

I created this Lo using my left over scraps

Sadie x

Wall Paper chandelier

I made this paper/chipboard chandelier for my daughters bedroom.
It was quick and simple to make. I think it looks very effective.

1st I recycled an old lampshade ring.

 Using a roll of b&w wall paper I punched out 1.5" circles.
I glued them back to back with PVA glue.
TIP- to keep them flat whilst drying place them under your craft mat.

                               I used flower shaped chipboard pieces and painted them black.
                                               You could also cut these from a cereal packet.

I pierced a small hole at the top and bottom of all the flowers and circles with a paper piercer.
I then tied a length of quilting thread (as its a bit stronger than sewing thread) onto the ring.
I threaded alternating flowers and circles, the inner circle 4 circles and 3 flowers.
the outer circle 2 circles and 1 flower. I finished with a bead to make tying the thread a bit easier.


Keep threading and tying until the ring is compleated.

Your chandelier is now ready to hang.