Friday, 7 September 2012

"Carefree"...... Aug crop kit

WOW thanks Lou (Designer for papermaze and one of my followers x)
for such a lovely crop kit.....I was so excited when I see the kit. 
Lou is very talented and has her own blog take a look at her beautiful work
I love this photo of my daughter I took it on a recent holiday.
 I love how her hair was blowing in the breeze.

TIP- When editing photos crop in close!

This kit had so much paper left over :)
I was able to make another lay out by adding a sheet of pink card stock and 3 doilies.
"Princess Pirates"

These photos of my girls were taken at Lowyn's 4th Birthday party "Princess and Pirates".
My thinking was the girls would be princesses and the boys pirates but Lowyn wanted to be both xx

Thanks for looking
Sadie x