Thursday, 20 December 2012

Grayson's Grandparents gift

My friend asked me to make her 2 mini books for the grandparents
 of her son Grayson for Xmas gifts

I'm sure you will agree he's a very cute little boy.

Page 1&2
I made the book 6x6"

The papers used are from the new American crafts range
 "Ready set go"
 they worked well with a mini book as had a small pattern on most of the papers.

The papers went well with the photos as they are bright and vibrant and looked quite playful.
 These could be used for both a boy or girl.

I printed out and used little quotes that I found.

I embellished with tags, buttons and ribbon page turners.
Tip- attach your ribbon with Staples for a strong and decorative fix.

Proud mum and dad xx

Thanks for looking
Sadie x 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Special gift

We went to Lowyn's school Xmas fair and all the children had made tree decorations.
Lowyn had made a beautiful robin.
(think she might take after mummy) x
He has pride of place on the front of our tree....

I was asked to make a special gift for a friends secret Santa.
She wanted a horse broach.
I agreed and then thought how the heck am I going to do a horse.
I decided to do the head and I'm pleased with the result :)
Hope she likes it x

Thanks for looking
Sadie x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Elf on the shelf

I'm so excited to introduce our elf Alvin as named by Lowyn.x
This is the first year he has come to visit us.

I was so happy when he arrived even more so than the kids.
He has been up to all sorts of fun.
Alvin made a snow angel......

Alvin is a little bit mischievous
he ate the chocolates out of the girls calendars.
He did say sorry and replaced them with a twix each :)

Alvin likes to play tricks,
He changed the ------ sleeps till Christmas sign.

Alvin got lonely whilst the girls were at school so he brought along his friend Evan.

All that Elf magic tired him out so had a little sleep in the warm bathroom.......
 sleep tight Alvin.x

Naughty Alvin must of rested too much
 and got up to naughty tricks taping Lowyn in her bedroom.

He even turned our milk blue that cheeky Elf.
But we still love him xx

Thanks for looking
soon be Xmas Sadie x

Friday, 14 December 2012

So proud

Went to see Lowyn in her first nativity play.
She was an Angel in every way so proud of her.
 She has been practicing for weeks, She knew all the words and actions
and had a great time on the stage xx

Our little star xx
Thanks for looking
Sadie x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

getting festive

After making my owls I decided to have a go at a gingerbread man,
 or as my daughter say's cookie man :)
I wear him with pride on my coat....:)

I had to make a batch for the ladies that work in my local bank as they fell in love with him.
They had a mixture of broaches and tree decorations....
Thanks ladies merry Xmas.
We are really getting excited for Xmas in our house :)
We took Lowyn to see father Christmas at the weekend.
We all had a wonderful time, at Red house Christmas barn.

We even got to meet Rudolph. x

Thanks for looking Sadie x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What a hoot

I made this little owl from felt, for my apron at work.
I used scraps of felt and buttons, brad, and bloom from my stash.
I am soooo happy with the result :)

Others also liked my little owl so had to make a few more. xx

I was asked to make a snowy owl too, for a gift for a friend.
I'm very proud of my little owls xx
  Thanks for looking Sadie x