Saturday, 9 February 2013

valentines hearts

I made these paper hearts to decorate my mirror for valentine day. They are very quick and simple to make..... X
 You will need card, stapler, string and brads (paper fastener ).

These can be made from any colours for any occasion.

The first design is made from cutting strips of the same width.
Cut 2 strips @ 12" 2@11" 2@10" and 2@9"
Staple the ends together to form the top of the heart.
TIP- fix the string with the staple.
Bend the other strips round and fix with a brad.

For the second design make the heart the same as the first. 
Before fixing the bottom with the brad, punch a hole next to the staple and pull the top down to the bottom and fix both with the brad.

These would look great in a child's bedroom or nursery.
Thanks for looking
Sadie x

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