Thursday, 13 December 2012

getting festive

After making my owls I decided to have a go at a gingerbread man,
 or as my daughter say's cookie man :)
I wear him with pride on my coat....:)

I had to make a batch for the ladies that work in my local bank as they fell in love with him.
They had a mixture of broaches and tree decorations....
Thanks ladies merry Xmas.
We are really getting excited for Xmas in our house :)
We took Lowyn to see father Christmas at the weekend.
We all had a wonderful time, at Red house Christmas barn.

We even got to meet Rudolph. x

Thanks for looking Sadie x


  1. Lovely to see you today Sadie..your layout was really super. Those gingerbread men are totally adorable :) See you in the new year Karen xxxx

  2. Ah thanks Karen was lovely to see you too in ur fab jumper ;) I want one lol. Loved ur layout too. Have a great Xmas see you in 2013 xx