Saturday, 15 December 2012

Elf on the shelf

I'm so excited to introduce our elf Alvin as named by Lowyn.x
This is the first year he has come to visit us.

I was so happy when he arrived even more so than the kids.
He has been up to all sorts of fun.
Alvin made a snow angel......

Alvin is a little bit mischievous
he ate the chocolates out of the girls calendars.
He did say sorry and replaced them with a twix each :)

Alvin likes to play tricks,
He changed the ------ sleeps till Christmas sign.

Alvin got lonely whilst the girls were at school so he brought along his friend Evan.

All that Elf magic tired him out so had a little sleep in the warm bathroom.......
 sleep tight Alvin.x

Naughty Alvin must of rested too much
 and got up to naughty tricks taping Lowyn in her bedroom.

He even turned our milk blue that cheeky Elf.
But we still love him xx

Thanks for looking
soon be Xmas Sadie x

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