Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wall Paper chandelier

I made this paper/chipboard chandelier for my daughters bedroom.
It was quick and simple to make. I think it looks very effective.

1st I recycled an old lampshade ring.

 Using a roll of b&w wall paper I punched out 1.5" circles.
I glued them back to back with PVA glue.
TIP- to keep them flat whilst drying place them under your craft mat.

                               I used flower shaped chipboard pieces and painted them black.
                                               You could also cut these from a cereal packet.

I pierced a small hole at the top and bottom of all the flowers and circles with a paper piercer.
I then tied a length of quilting thread (as its a bit stronger than sewing thread) onto the ring.
I threaded alternating flowers and circles, the inner circle 4 circles and 3 flowers.
the outer circle 2 circles and 1 flower. I finished with a bead to make tying the thread a bit easier.


Keep threading and tying until the ring is compleated.

Your chandelier is now ready to hang.

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