Friday, 21 January 2011

Jan 2011- The writings on the wall

I've had such a busy month!! I didn't realise till I looked at my camera this morn just how busy.
Thought I'd share some bits.

First I decorated my kitchen

 I started off in jan by decorating my kitchen.
 I made this canvase to hang on my wall and the heart hangers to decorate my new baskets.

Once I'd got the decorating bug I moved swiftly onto my living room.
My poor Husband never knows what will greet him when he comes home from work lol.
I'm a spare of the moment kind of girl!!! once I have an idea thats it I'm off x

 I've had this photo of Dayna on my wall for such a long time(she was 5) I love it.
 She looks so cute and squishy xx
 I'd taken it down to decorate and the photo had sliped from the mount.
 (and that was it, I didnt need much of an excuse to get out my stash and alter it.

I hand cut the flower and heart. Faux stiched the heart.
I Used a Tim Holtz die for the book paper leaves.
 And for my fav, The paper flower. I made this by watching a video tutorial.

 I love these flowers so much I decided to make a few for my stash.
I had always seen these on others projects and loved them, so decided to get educated lol
Here are the links to the you tube videos

Next for my BIG project " The writings on the wall"

I've been thinking of doing this for a while.
 I used to have gold writing on this wall
live .love. laugh
This time it was going to be much bigger.

 I started by typing my phrase out in word. I changed the font and printed it the size I wanted.
I then positioned on my wall and taped all the sheets together.
I turned the whole thing over and traced the outline with pencil.

I then turned it the corect way round and carfully traced the outline the a ball point pen.

 Once I had the pencil outline on the wall.
I then drew around the outline with a black sharpie fine tipped pen.
Then I filled it all in with two coats of black acrylic paint.
I know it took me along time but well worth it.

 I finished it off with a wall sticker that I found on the net
They have lots of fab designs, I now thinking where else I could have one... lol

I really love the result.

On the subject of love I mate this cup cake Valentines card for my husband
(I know its not till next month but I'm getting ahead)

 And finally I got to scrap book a couple of LO's
This one is Jans kit from Papermaze crop that I attend every month.Except for this month as it was my Husbands Birthday and we went ice skating....
It was designed by Lou Collins she is very talented and I love all her work x I was so very pleased that she had designed this months page!!!And that my girls pick me up one Thanks xx

 I added a paper flower that I'd already made.

 I did this Lo of my girls I wanted to tell the story of their relationship and the love they have for each other.
Again I used a paper flower( they will be on all my projects from now on lol).
I hand cut the heart and layerd it together.
I then made a hole and tied on the string and finished with a button.

I wonder what next month will bring...........

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  1. have been busy !! Great projects Sade...hope to see you at the next crop x