Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy new year !!! here's to a great 2011 x

Pick me.....
Here are the little gifts that I made for my scrap booking girls, for Xmas.
Thought I would share them with you. Loved them so much made one for myself xx To me love from me!!!

They are used when creating a scrapbook layout.
You simply pick 3,4,or 5 sticks at random and have to include these on you page.

I decorated a bean tin, made a label. 
created and added embellishments.
"Simples" as Aleksandr Orlov would say(I got his book for Xmas lol).

I used large lolly pop sticks for the options, I made 10 in total.
This idea could be adapted for other situations
 eg. dinner options (ingredients). Free time (read,craft,TV etc...)
I could go on but I won't.....xx

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