Friday, 23 March 2012

quick and easy photo editing

Hi all just wanted to share how I quickly edit most of my photos with just a couple of clicks.
I use PICASA a free Google program its so simple to use.
I have shown an example bellow.

This is the original photo that I took of my girls in the garden.
I wanted to have it enlarged and to be printed onto a canvas for my living room.

I decided to not have the photo colour and I'd quite like to go neutral so changed the photo to B&W.

I simply clicked on the photo in my library . Then selected the picture of the 1st paint brush to bring up the toolbox. I selected B&W and applied to my photo.

I liked this much better but decided as my living room is decorated in soft browns and creams that B&W would look to harsh so decided to try out sepia.
Again select photo and toolbox. simply undo B&W and apply sepia.

I love that you can undo and redo as many times as you like without loosing the original photo. You can always go back and undo at a later stage.

I liked the softer colours, but still wasn't quite happy.
My girls have pale blue eyes and the sepia effect made them look an odd colour.

I undid the sepia and had a little play and found that B&W followed by warmify had a much better result.

Next simply export and save to device ready for printing.
 Keep the image quality at maximum for the best printing result.

Happy playing
Sadie x

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