Monday, 25 October 2010

felt flower

My daughter Dayna modeling my hat x (had to pay her with her own broach)!!!
She's NOT silly!

Whilst blog surfing I came across felt flower broaches on Bugs and Fishes by Lupin blog and decided to give them ago, as I have plenty of felt in my stash .

First I made cardboard templates by stamping and cutting out flowers By Rhonna Farrer

I stamped my flower 3 times and left 1 whole and cut the other 2 down to size.

I drew around templates onto my felt and cut out with nice sharp scissors.

I stitched around the 2 biggest flowers with contrasting thread.

I decided to use a funky brad instead of a button. I pierce through all 3 layers with my pokey tool.Then fastened the brad.

Finally I stitched on a safety pin and pinned to my hat!

I'm very pleased with the result. Thankyou Lupin for the fab idea x

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  1. Great brooch! Fantastic for Christmas prezzies.